Zoya Wishes Holiday 2014 Swatches and Review

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Wishes really do come true with this magical new nail polish collection for Winter/Holiday 2014! Zoya Wishes is a densely pigmented assortment featuring both traditional and Magical PixieDust formulas in coordinating color combinations that can be worn alone or combined into stunning combinations, no matter how you wear them, this collection delivers a fanciful way to celebrate the season! 

 Prim: Velvet blue metallic, with a full coverage, high-density pigment and buttery smooth application. They are not kidding when they say buttery smooth application! This one was a one coater, I did two but you can only do one! Great formula! Swatch is without top coat.

Haven: True holiday plum liquid metal with a thin vein of orchid for added brilliance. This one is a stunner! Beautiful finish and formula, with a hint of shimmer. Swatch is two coats with no top coat.

Willa: Full-coverage, onyx black cream. At first I thought a black polish really didn't fit in with a"holiday" collection but this polish swayed me. It reminds me of the perfect black dress, the one you know you'll always look stunning in! Two coats for the swatch and no top coat.

Nori: Sapphire blue Magical PixieDust with holographic hex glitter, perfect for any holiday festivity. This one is mermaid nails in a bottle. It is so sparkly and the blue is stunning! 

Thea: Deep amethyst Magical PixieDust with an orchid flash, packed full of party-ready holographic hex glitter. Another stunner, beautiful amethyst color that is perfect for the holidays!

 Imogen: Black crystal Magical PixieDust with holographic hex glitter, just add an LBD and you’re off! I love this one, black and sparkly, perfect for any time. 

I did some fast and easy nail art using the new collection. All of these are without top coat, to show off the PixieDust. These are easy way's to jazz up your mani!

This one is Prim with  a single stripe down the middle of Nori. 

French tips with Thea and Haven.

My favorite, Willa and Imogen.

To get your hand's on this beautiful collection go to Zoya.com

$9 (US) Standard Colors
$10 (US)  - PixieDust Colors
Available in top salons, spas and on zoya.com


OPI Gwen Stefani Holiday 2014 Swatches and Review

The new OPI Gwen Stefani Holiday 2014 collection just arrived at my local beauty supply store so I had to get some! I didn't get all the colors, just the one's that interested me.I skipped on a lot of the reds, for me the glitters and shimmers were what I wanted!

I'll start with the colors that come in the Mini Holiday Stars pack. For me, these are always a must buy. You get to try out the colors before committing to a full size bottle and possibly find a color you might have passed on!

Red Fingers and Mistletoes  - This smooch-worthy red shimmer is holiday-perfect. I looked at the full size bottles of all the colors and passed this one up..woops! I think I might go back and get it in the full size, it's one of my favorites. It has a beautiful gold shimmer and is a stunner! Swatch is two coats with no top coat.

What’s Your Point-settia? - So what if I think this is the one truly perfect holiday red? This one is a good red, it could be a one coater if needed. If you need a red this would be a good one to pick up but nothing special with this one. Swatch is two coats without top coat. 

I Carol About You - I just fa-la-la-la-love this deep royal purple! I am a sucker for deep purples like this. This one has a hint of shimmer in it, it's a pretty purple! Swatches are two coats with no top coat. I did have to color correct this one a ton, my camera decided to turn it blue!

Kiss Me – or Elf! There’s no denying the allure of this amorous red violet. Another frosty/shimmery shade. Swatch is two coats with no top coat.

Let's move on to the creme's that I picked up that were not part of the mini pack.

Christmas Gone Plaid -  I sure am plaid I found this tree-mendous forest green. This is a really nice forest green. Great application, no staining or mess when I took it off. Swatch is two coats with no top coat.

Just BeClaus - This magnificent maroon came into my life just in the “nick” of time. When I got home I couldn't remember why I grabbed this one. It's nothing special but I think the color is very pretty. I think it will go great with the green above for some holiday nail art. Perfect application and two coats for the swatch.

Now on to the one's that have a little shimmer in them.

Rollin’ in Cashmere - Wooln’t you just love wearing this warm, luxurious gold? I didn't know if I was going to like this one, but I really do. It's one of my favorites in the collection. It has a glow to it, it's soft and feminine. A great way to wear gold without being to metallic or in your face blingy. Two coats for the swatches and no top coat. 

First Class Desires -This mélange of gold and eggplant shimmer is #1 on my wish list. I almost didn't get this one but the awesome girl at the supply store said it was her favorite. This one is beautiful, so much shimmer and a beautiful deep purple base. The swatch is two coats with no top coat. 

Love is Hot and Coal - Turn the heat up with this deep grayish brown. I don't think I have anything even close to this color in my collection. It is really unusual and a pretty color! I love how it's not a typical holiday color. Swatch is two coats with no top coat.

Now onto the glitter's in this collection. These are all stunning and so fun for all the time! 

Comet in the Sky - Iridescent beams and midnight black create cosmic art in this glitter. I did one coat of this one over Kiss Me or Elf! This one is stunning, black, gold and iridescent glitter. I found it was easy to apply and easy to get the large pieces of glitter out of the bottle. The swatch is with one coat of top coat.

 I’ll Tinsel You In - Black and white confetti and fine glitter adorn this ornamental glitter. I didn't know if I was going to like this one, but it is cool! There are shreds of white glitter, round black glitter, round white glitter and some white squares too. Application was easy and it spread nicely over the nail. I didn't get any clumps or area's with two much glitter which can happen with the finer glitters. Swatch is one coat over I Carol About You and one coat of top coat.

 Snow Globetrotter - Shake up your world with this glitter swirling with white and rainbow flakes. This glitter is amazing! I don't have anything even close to this in my collection. It has huge pieces of iridescent glitter , gold glitter and white glitter. It is a dream to apply and the large pieces of glitter were easy to get out. If you get one color from this collection, get this one! For the swatch I did one coat over What's Your Point-settia? and one coat of top coat.


So Elegant - Black and chrome confetti add sophisticated drama to this glitter. This one is another unusual one. The black and chrome glitter are really cool, the chrome is very reflective. It really catches the light! For the swatch I did one coat over Just BeClaus and one coat of top coat.

Overall, I like my picks! I think the glitters in this collection are must have's. The are wearable all year long and fun. I love Red Fingers and Mistletoes, Love is Hot and Coal, Rollin' in Cashmere and First Class Desires.  Are you grabbing any of these colors for yourself? 


Nude and Neutral Glitter Gradient

Oh my goodness, I am in love with these nails! I think the gradient really pop's when there is just a stripe of it. They are so sparkly and elegant, perfect for a party or wedding. I think these would be great for Christmas, but I'm getting a little ahead of myself!
Colors Used 
China Glaze White On (base for the glitter gradient)
China Glaze Boundary of Memory (dark glitter)
China Glaze Champagne Kisses (light glitter)
China Glaze Don't Honk Your Thorn (nude)
Seche Vite Top Coat

To get this look I did a glitter gradient using Boundary of Memory and Champagne kisses. I then used two strips of NailVinyls straights, put them right down the center and painted Don't Honk Your Thorn over the whole nail. Pull your tape off, let the polish dry then top coat.

I can't wait to try more color combo's with this, it is so simple but stunning! 

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