Zoya Ignite Collection Review and Swatches

These polishes from the Zoya Ignite are unlike anything I have in my collection. They are stunning in the bottle and they do not disappoint on the nail! The Ignite collection is comprised of six shimmering liquid metal metallics. They all are with two coats and no top coat. They finish smooth and shiny all on their own.

 Autumn is a varnished copper liquid metal. Drop dead gorgeous polish! The gold shimmer is very present and complements the copper color perfectly.

Remy is a brilliant indigo with copper and gold liquid metallic. This one is a stunner, it almost changes color from green to blue on your nail. It is amazing! 

Sansa is a deep eggplant with gold metallic sparkle. Another stunning color, the gold sparkle show's up really well against the eggplant base.

 Teigen is a full coverage pink toned violet with a copper liquid metal. This is a a great vampy shade, deep but with lots of shimmer. This one has a hit of purple shimmer if you catch it in the light just right!

India is a deep, luxurious red with a gold liquid metallic shimmer.  Lots of gold sparkle with this one, it complements the red beautifully!

Yuna is a full coverage warm grey with copper and gold liquid metal. You can really see the individual pieces of shimmer in this one. It's really unique and a great way to wear grey with some sparkle.

This collection is amazing! Stunning glittery and glowing color and full coverage in only two coats. These polishes finish smooth, so only one coat of top coat is necessary. For me this whole collection is a must have. All the colors are unique, you can wear them year round and they are just stunning on.

These are available now for $9.00 ea. (US) at Zoya.com. You can follow Zoya on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram

Zoya Entice Collection Review and Swatches


I was so excited when I got these in the mail the other day, it was my birthday which made it even better! There are some stunners in this collection. I was editing photo's and oohing and ah-hing over them. Enitce is a collection of 6 glossy, highly pigmented cremes. All the swatches below are taken with two coats and no top coat.

My personal favorite from the collection is Ryan (which is also my husbands name!).  Ryan is a full coverage classic Indigo. This one is a stunner! Great coverage, creamy formula and a dream to work with.

Claire is beautiful. She is a warm rich burgundy. A classic fall color and the warm tones make it wearable for any skin tone.  

 Margo is a modern red plum. This one is another stunner and only two coats to get that rich deep color. I love how this one is a bit brighter, a nice option to pair with all the neutral fall colors.

Nylssa is a milk chocolate brown. I'm not a big brown fan, I think I own two brown polishes but I am warming up to wearing it. Nylssa is very pretty and a nice brown, not dumpy or boring.

Genevieve is a cool leather grey. My camera tends to lean blue with grey's so I had to do a little color correcting. Hopefully this color is showing grey on your screen! I personally was really excited about this color, a nice deep grey from Zoya!

Veronica is a brilliant red whine. For me, this is the color I always go towards when fall starts. I love the classic red whine color, and this one has great coverage!

Overall a beautiful collection. What surprised me the most is all of colors only needed two coats. The colors are so jam packed with pigment but they go on beautifully! Great collection for the fall and anytime really. The grey is a great year round color. My absolute must have's from this collection are Genevieve, Ryan and Margo. They are stunners!

On a fun note, if you follow me on Instagram you would have seen how Ryan and Nyssa match my new bag I got for my birthday!! Yay!

This collection is available on Zoya.com now for $9 (us). You can follow Zoya on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

♥ Lydia


Fall Nail Art with Zoya Naturel Duex


Gah...I love these! They were so simple but make a great statement. I used all the colors from the new Zoya Naturel Duex collection. You can see my leopard print tutorial here, I just omitted the colored centers. And you can see my gradient tutorial here. I used Spencer for the base on my middle and ring finger, and Madeline for the base on my index and pinky. For the leopard spots on my ring finger I used Emilia, and Marnie on my index. The gradient on my ring finger used Spencer, Chanelle and Emilia. My pinky used Marnie, Aubrey and Madeline. My thumb I painted Emilia, to tie all the colors together.


I love how smooth the gradients turned out! My favorite nail is my ring finger, it is just a perfect blend with the browns. Could you see yourself rocking this look this fall? I know I will be wearing this one for a few days!
♥ Lydia


Zoya Naturel Duex Swatches and Review


Ohhh, these colors from Zoya are like fall in a bottle. I can already feel the crisp fall air, taste a pumpkin latte and want to curl up under a blanket with a good book. But these colors are also very neutral and trendy. I am rocking Spencer right now with a summer dress and it looks great!

The collection is comprised of three brown based colors and three plum based colors. All of them were creamy, dreams to apply. All of them are two coats with out top coat except for Marney and Emilia which needed three.

Spencer is a rich camel cream. This is one of those colors that makes your fingers look long, kinda like wearing nude heals makes your legs look long. I love this color, it is so versatile and can be worn for all the seasons.

Chanelle is a toasted almond creme. I really like this color, I think it's a great choice for a professional setting. It is easy on the eyes and a universal color for every skin tone.

Emilia was one that surprised me. I didn't think I would like a dark brown polish but it is gorgeous. It is a dark chocolate color and it looks rich and beautiful on the nail. You feel like your wearing luxurious velvet on your nails.

 Marnie is a deep warm plum creme. I am a sucker for colors like this, I love deep plums on my toes, especially in the fall when I'm wearing darker colors. This one is beautiful and a very flattering color.

Aubrey is a medium mauve creme. This one is perfect if your wanting that plum look without going to dark. A great neutral color!

Madeline is a muted rose creme. This one is a great wedding color, it's soft and feminine. 

Overall I love the whole collection. All the colors pair well with each other and with the cooler weather that's almost here. I don't have any colors in my collection like these either, especially Emilia which is my surprise favorite.

These are available now for $9.00 ea. (US) at Zoya.com. You can follow Zoya on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They do great promo codes pretty regularly! 


Salon Perfect - Nailed By The Mod Squad Top Coats

Press Sample

The Swinging Sixties, they brought us the beehive, bikini's, Mod fashion and tie-dye. And the mod look of the 60's seems to be making a comeback! I'm thinking it would be pretty boss if it did.

Flower Power has pink, yellow and teal circle glitter. I love this one, the colors are so pretty and the little pop's of teal are perfect! I used China Glaze Mimosas before Mani's as my base and two coats of Flower Power.

Mad about Mod is another favorite! This one has pink, yellow and  lavender circle glitter. I love the yellow glitter, it's so cheery and the circles keep everything modern. I used China Glaze For Audrey as my base and two coats of Mad about Mod.

Spot On is a clear base with black and white circle glitter. This is my first black and white glitter and I love it! I used Picture Polish Candy for my base and two coats of Spot On. 

Overall I think this collection is primo. Lot's of fun glitter, and pretty colors! 

You can purchase these shades at select Walmart stores for $3.98.

You can follow Salon Perfect on Facebook, @salonperfect on Instagram, @salon_perfect on Twitter or check out their webpage for more info.

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