Simple Glitter Gradient

#31DC2014 Glitter. I love a simple glitter ombre, it's so stunning with little to no work involved. I used Shimmer Candace and Barielle Moda Blue. To do the ombre I brushed Candace on the tip of makeup sponge and put the glitter just on m tips. 

Barielle Me Couture Collection swatches and review

press sample

Today I have the new Fall ccollectionfrom Barielle to show you! I don't know about you all but I've never used a Barielle nail polish. I've seen them around, almost bought them a couple times but I didn't know if they were worth it. Let me tell you, if you've been on the fence, get off  and jump over to the buy side. I am seriously impressed with these polishes and I know you will love them!

All of the colors were two coats and all the pictures were taken without a top coat.

First up is Vintage Gown. This one is a creamy rust with a hint of pink. There is a bit of shimmer in this one, you can really see it in the bottle but it didn't show up when I was taking pictures. I'm thinking it will show it's true shimmer in full sunlight.

Taupe Notch is a dark taupe. I really love colors like this, it just screams fall and classy to me. I love this one, I wore it again after swatching them the other day. Just a great every day color.

Berry Posh was such a pleasant surprise with this collection. I'm not ready to give up my fun summer colors and Berry Posh fits my needs for a bright color while still being fall appropriate. I love how it pairs perfectly with all the moody fall colors.

Soho at Night is a creamy grape purple. I LOVE purple, if it's purple I need it and this one is unlike anything I have. It's bright but perfect for fall at the same time. It has just the right balance of fun without being to over the top. Really great color!

Moda Bleu is a deep navy. Everyone needs a good navy polish in their collection. It's just one of those colors you must have. This one is beautiful, it's dark but it doesn't lean black in any way. It's a good clean navy blue.

Boho Chic is a deep sea green. This color screams fall to me. I want to go grab my leather boots, some tweed and a jacket with elbow patches! I love this color, and it's a great green for those who want to try green without looking like your fingers have a disease! It's a really flattering and very universal.

Overall really impressed with the colors Barielle put out for this fall. I am loving Boho Chic, Soho at Night and Berry Posh. Do you think you'll be picking up any colors? If you do, you won't be disappointed!

You can purchase Barielle at Barielle.com 

♥ Lydia


Zoya Ultra PixieDust Review and Swatches

press sample 

 Zoya Ultra PixieDust! These are all new for fall and beautiful vampy shades. They are very different from any of the other PixieDusts I have. Unlike the Magical, they don't have any iridescent glitter pieces and the normal PixieDust doesn't have the large glitter pieces.

First up is my absolute favorite from the collection, Oswin. This color is the only one that truly dried with a finish like the traditional PixieDust polishes. Oswin is a true red and I think perfect for fall and the holidays. You can bet on me wearing this now and all through the holiday season.

Next up is Arianna, a blue toned red wine Ultra PixieDust. This one didn't have the same finish as Oswin. I don't mind the finish, personally. It dried a bit glossy but it's still matte as you can tell from the pictures. I would explain it as a not as dry/rough pixiedust?

Nior is a stunner. I think this one is so cool., I was really excited while I was applying this one. It has purple glitter, red glitter and a deep purple base. Again, not the same finish as Oswin but I love it none the less. 

I love this whole collection. And thinking about the glitters and colors, I think one reason they dried different is becuase they have a jelly like base. The other PixieDusts have a glittery base, these ones have more of a polish base than the others. But I think it really lends it's self to more color options, like you see with Noir. Overall, really unique shades and finishes from Zoya. 

Here are a  couple tips from Zoya and a link to a video explaining how to apply PixieDust.

For BEST RESULTS apply 2-3 thin coats of polish for full coverage to clean (oil free) nail surface. Allow product to dry completely for full effect. Do not use a base coat or top coat. Top coat can be applied for additional glossy effects.
See the ³Zoya How to apply Zoya PixieDustTM Video² for more great beauty tips and tricks to use when applying Zoya PixieDustTM.

You can order the Zoya Ultra Pixies Dusts for $10 (US) Available on Zoya.com and at finer salons and spas. 


Geometric Nails

#31DC2014 - Geometric. I wanted to do something with color and shapes but I didn't have the time to free hand something so I did the next best thing! I made a nail decal using a nail stamp image. You can see my tutorial here on how to make your own. They are fun and easy!!

For my look I used
Zoya- Kitridge and Genevieve
OPI  - Just Can't Cope-Acabana
Morgan Taylor - Going Native
China Glaze  - White on White
Pueen Plate 12

I love how these turned out!


Holographic Nail Foils

#31DC2014  - Delicate Print. To me there is noting more delicate and tricky than nail foils! I already did one look with them for violet which you can see here.
For this look I used some of my professional supplies and used CND Shellac in Black Pool. Shellac works exceptionally well with foil, it's tacky and the foil adheres without using glue. The Shellac top coat is the only thing I've found that doesn't alter the holographic look at all. My foil I purchased through The Nail Artisian on Facebook. She has some of the coolest foil's around!

Aren't they cool!! I love how they turned out, I can't wait to do this design again!
♥ Lydia

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